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Here’s a thing on the upcoming Test series that I have done for the marvellous Addis Army: I Don’t Like India…

Autumn 2016

Issue 21 of the Corridor of Uncertainty is taking shape nicely and will be available in India. T-shirts too, if you’re lucky.

Autumn 2015

The tour of the West Indies went swimmingly, the English summer flew by and (giving the UAE a miss) we are now gearing up for four Tests in South Africa starting on Boxing Day. Issue 20 of the fanzine will be available!

Spring 2015

The Corridor of Uncertainty is gearing up for all three Tests in the West Indies. Look out for issue 19 of the fanzine at the grounds and in the bars. See you soon!

July 2014

The Corridor of Uncertainty is chomping at the bit for the tour to West Indies in 2015, but is mainly watching county cricket (with a bit of home Test stuff thrown in) at the moment. Having a thoroughly marvellous summer in fact. See you soon!

February 2013 

The Corridor of Uncertainty is back in the UK mainly doing some stuff. Stuff which you will hear about in due course.

November 2012

The Corridor of Uncertainty is off to India for the Tests. Check twitter and facebook for regular updates. No regular updates here - too complicated!!

Summer 2012

The Corridor of Uncertainty is updating the website. A bit.

No Sri Lanka 2012 T-shirts left, by the way. Some fanzines left though. See the Products or About Us section for details of how to order.

March 2012

Corridor of Uncertainty issue 17 will be available in Sri Lanka. And there’ll be T-shirts too. Oh yes.

Look out for the editor around the grounds and in the usual bars after close of play.

See you there!

3rd July 2011

Alan Higham wrote an article for the Corridor of Uncertainty about reasons for the decline in numbers at Test Match cricket the world over. You can see it here.

Summer 2011

Finally this website gets updated after many technical issues. Not that the Corridor of Uncertainty has much to say. Except watch out for an article by Alan Higham on how fans are treated - coming very soon!

Oh yes, and there’s a SALE on CoU South Africa 2009-10 George and Zippy Rainbow Nation T-shirts. Now £6.00 each(!!!) including postage and packing. Email clarky@corridorofuncertainty.com for details on sizes and how to pay. T-shirt design can be viewed here.

October 2010

The Ashes draws ever closer. The excitement is building.

During the tour please feel free to add your photos� to the Corridor of Uncertainty facebook group, where there will also be Corridor of Uncertainty news. Or follow us on twitter. The options are endless(ish)………….

May 5th 2010 (5.45am)
BIG NEWS: Sachin is on twitter: @sachin_rt
Just been keeping an eye on his profile and he’s gaining� just under 100� followers a minute. Will break all records for sure. Go Sachin!

April 2010

The Corridor of Uncertainty is back in the UK for the summer. Will� be at a fair amount of Test cricket over the summer, but the priority is very much saving and planning for the Ashes. Planning which has already begun. Watch this space!

February 2010

The Corridor of Uncertainty is in Bangladesh! Just like in 2003 the fanzine will be on sale at the Test matches. Plus T-shirts too! Keep your eye out for Clarky in the grounds, outside the grounds and in the bar. See you all soon!

January 2010

Corridor of Uncertainty South Africa 2009-10 fanzines and T-shirts have been selling like hot cakes in Cape Town. This is despite not being allowed to sell in the ground and being moved on outside the ground by council officials for having no permit. The Corridor will battle on and rise above the authorities. Where there is demand we will supply!

Keep an eye out if you need a fanzine or a T-shirt in Joburg as we should be selling in the usual places (outside the ground or in a nearby bar). If we’re not in the usual places please ask around as someone should know what’s going on.

If you’re having no luck in finding us and need to buy fanzines and/or T-shirts please text +27726901833 and we’ll sort something out.


WEST INDIES T-shirts still available!!! Check out the products section!

March 2009: Ultimately a disappointing tour on the cricket front, although if you take your England head off, who can forget the clatter of wickets, stumps flying everywhere and the West Indians going mental in Jamaica? A cracking atmosphere.

It was England’s collapse on day four of the Jamaica Test, coupled with several perplexing tactical decisions in Antigua that cost England the series.

However a great time was had by all - how can you fail to enjoy yourself in the Caribbean?

You have no answer to that.

14/2/09: After a shenanigans of farcical proportions tomorrow we rightly return to the Antigua Recreation Ground in the heart of St John’s.

The only sad thing is that the tickets have sold out, so many locals who want to go to the ARG cannot. On the last tour there was a huge temporary stand in front of the prison and the Indian Oil Stand was full and rocking (literally). This time there’s been no time to erect a temporary stand and the Indian Oil Stand may have a restricted capacity for safety reasons.

Today we have news that the ICC has cleared� Antigua Recreation� Ground for the Test. This is of course totally meaningless, as it was ICC match referee Alan Hurst that gave the second Test the green light at the Sir Vivian Richards� Stadium� and look what happened there.

And if Harmison regains his place after being rightly dropped for the second Test, there will be many angry England fans. We’ve seen enough of the lazy big� idiot and he should not be allowed to put on an England shirt any more. The fans want players who will give 100% and Harmison is not one of those. Let’s hope his all-too-swift recall is merely a rumour.

Weather news: It is 5.15pm the day before the (new) third Test and it’s pouring down with rain. Cats and Dogs.

News from a� couple of days ago:

England are rubbish.

Console yourself with buying a Corridor of Uncertainty fanzine and T-shirt (pictured in the Corridor of Uncertainty facebook group, along with some other pics - excited? Yeah man).

It is pouring down in Antigua.

England are rightly being labelled a rudderless ship. They appear to be� tossing around not really caring about the cricket. All the talk before this series was of the build-up to the Ashes. Forget that - this is an important series in itself and the fans have spent a lot of money getting out here. Not that the team care about that - see previous pathetic efforts on recent tours: India (Dec 08), Sri Lanka (Dec 07). We won in New Zealand (March 08) only because we were the least rubbish of two rubbish sides.

One other thing. England didn’t come onto the field during the� presentation at the end of the first Test in Jamaica. Andrew Strauss gave a quick interview while the rest of them stayed in the dressing room area. Despite being bowled out for a laughable 51, the team should have had� some respect for their hosts. Disgraceful (as the� Corridor of Uncertainty pointed out vociferously to Strauss as he left the field).

Older news:

Issue 13 of your favourite England cricket fanzine will be on sale in the Caribbean. Look out for T-shirts too! If these are not available in the ground, they’ll be available in bars after the game. Ask Clarky or look out for flyers for details.

Even older news:

The Corridor of Uncertainty was rocking in India, unfortunately the England team didn’t match up.

Last year’s news:

The Corridor of Uncertainty received an “official warning” for selling issue 11 in the ground in Hamilton and had to resort to selling outside the ground before play as well as during lunch and after play. This is difficult as there was more than one main entrance meaning half of the potential readers didn’t get the opportunity to buy.

The authorities are attempting to take cricket away from the people, that’s the main problem. It’s all about how much money they can make and how they can spoil other people trying to air their views.

However the Corridor of Uncertainty will keep battling on and is printing more fanzines as we speak. They will be on sale at the Wellington Test outside the gate on the city side of the Basin Reserve.

There may be T-shirts too. No promises, but these are being looked into at the moment.

Ask Clarky for details.


Some other news from the past:

Corridor of Uncertainty issue 10 was on sale in Sri Lanka just before Christmas 2007 and went down well with the majority of fans who throughout the tour hotly debated the question “Duncan Fletcher - Genius or Twat?”. Let’s face it, the cricket was pretty dire.

Other articles included Adrian Hoggarth’s “My Dear Old…..”, a tribute of sorts to Blowers, Mark Gretton’s “Shut Your Gob and Get on WIth It”, an anti-tribute to sledging, “Resurrecting a Dead Art” by Big Harvey, which was basically about resurrecting a dead art (under-arm bowling, since you ask), a piece on the resilience of the Sri Lankans by Steve Weatherill, who also contributed a super quiz and number nine in the cartoon series “Blokes You Meet at the Cricket”. Also contributing were the Shrewsbury boys Dan Hough and John Wigley who for some strange reason decided to go to the World Cup in the West Indies, but thankfully wrote an article for the Corridor on how rubbish it was. There was other stuff too, but you’ll have to buy it if you want to find out what!

Copies still available - see the Products section for details of how to order.

Corridor of Uncertainty Sri Lanka 2007 polo shirts - a few still available. See the Products section for details.

News from winter 2006-7:

Despite the best intentions of Cricket Australia and various city councils around the convict colony, the Corridor of Uncertainty sold a great number of copies during the Ashes Tests. Oh yes.

T-shirts were also sold. T-shirts with a picture of Jardine and the words “Douglas Jardine - Ashes Hero” on the front. On the back was a picture of the Bodyline field and the following poem written by the great man himself:

Australia’s writers showed their claws,
Her backers raged, her batsmen shook,
Statesmen consulted - and the cause?
Our bowling was too good to hook.”

A few Jardine T-shirts are still available - See the Products section for details.

The T-shrits really wound the Aussies up. Many of them either didn’t know their cricket history, or didn’t know the laws of the game as they existed at the time, preferring instead to shout at Clarky (as he sold the T-shirts outside the grounds), “Jardine was a fucking cheat” or “There’s the fucking wanker that’s selling those T-shirts”.

I’d love to say it was all in good humour, but unfortunately it wasn’t. Many Australians just don’t do “good humour”, instead resorting to personal insults. And even these are not in the least bit humourous.

The great thing about the large majority of Aussies is that they are very easily wound up!

The T-shirts were designed by Big Harvey to compliment the following article he had written about Jardine and the Bodyline controversy for the Ashes edition of the Corridor of Uncertainty:

Time to Right History’s Wrongs

Also: During the Ashes Andy Clark was writing regularly for Fairfax Digital who run the web sites for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. It was a blog type thing which wound up loads of not very intelligent Australians who left messages such as “Fuck off Pommie, go home” and other literary masterpieces. These can still be found on the web if you look here (they read from the bottom upwards, by the way): http://blogs.smh.com.au/barmyarmy/

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